08 June 2003

Auto-googling, thoughts on a name... and lutefisk

OK, I’ll freely admit it…

For whatever reason, I’ve Googled myself several times over the years. It’s rather fun discovering where (and in what context) my name is on the Internet. It’s rather humorous following some of the links to the Scandinavian Peders of the world and learning what other Peders with a ‘D’ are up to.

Swedish ChefThere’s this one Peder, his name is Peder Pederson. His name always comes up when I auto-google, and I’ve been wanting to e-mail him. Maybe we could be pen-pals of a sort. If he’s a chef, I could maybe antagonize him and get him to say, “BÝrk! BÝrk! BÝrk!” \insert maniacal laugh here/

Sometimes, I’m on the brink of an existential crisis when I realize that I’m one of a very few PeDer’s in the States. Hehe. Perhaps I’ll start a website “www.peders-with-a-d.com.” Heck, everyone else seems to have one - personal websites are “all the rage” now. www.pederwithad.com is available, I just checked. Maybe, I could stage a world-wide reunion of Peders, and we could have a lutefisk buffett. Sweet!

Back to auto-google: I’m trying to figure out why I’ve done it. Is it pride? Curiosity? Fear? Boredom? Most likely, it’s the second with a little of the first (for what human behavior is without a little pride?).

If you haven’t googled yourself, do it today, and who knows what you might find out about yourself!

Parenthetically, isn’t it interesting that the name of this popular search engine has now become a verb?

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