20 May 2006

Internet Explorer 7 beta

Screenshot - TabsFor those of us who love the Firefox tabbed browsing GUI, Microsoft is answering that challenge with the newest beta version of the next Internet Explorer browser, version 7. The interface is streamlined, and nicely includes an easy RSS feed favorites function that allows you to add the RSS feeds from your favorite blogs/news sites easily.

Thus far, I haven't experienced any crashes. Everything is working quite well. The only thing I've noticed is some sort of minor glitch with the upgrade recognizing my saved text fields for data input/search forms.

A great feature is the thumbnail viewer that allows one, at a glance, to see a small screenshot of each tabbed website. Click here for a screenshot.

The new explorer also contains an anti-phishing tool. It's a nice security add-on, no doubt, but we'll see if it is ultimately useful.

Like Firefox, it features the ability to utilize third-party "add-ons", most of which are just gimmicks.

Overall, I think this is a huge leap forward for Microsoft and those who want the integrated functionality of i.e. and all the benefits of tabbed browsing.

:: peder ::

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19 March 2005

Does anyone know?

Just something I’ve been wondering about lately:

Why is all hair conditioner whitish/thicker/more opaque than its corresponding brand shampoo? I wonder if it’s because there’s some varying type of fat (lipid) in all conditioners. Any thoughts?

:: Peder ::

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19 May 2004

I'm tired...

I haven’t had the energy or creative muse to write anything. Hence, it seems that there must be cycles of creativity during the life of an average person (i.e., me).

Even as a means of communicating with friends and family, the blog has taken a nosedive. I’ll write when I feel inspired.

In other news, we’re going to give Vonage a try for phone service. Vonage is a VOIP (Voice Over IP) service which uses a hardware device to adapt your regular phone to your broadband connection. The prices are amazing - unlimited local and long distance for only 30 USD per month. International calls are only 2-5 cents per minute. So, we’re going to give it a go and see what happens. I’ll write a review once we get it going (in a few weeks).

— Peder

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13 February 2004


This will be a simple post.

sumatra.jpgI love good coffee. I’m not talking about Folger’s or “fill-it-to-the-rim with” Brim. I’m talking about coffee from heavily roasted, oily, fresh beans.

Starbucks Sumatra, for example: smooth, dark, rich, full of flavor.

I love good coffee. Not for the caffeine (don’t really need it). For the taste.

Good coffee is a luxury that I’ll indulge…

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04 June 2003

Blog one

OK, this is the first blog. I’ve been working all day on the layout and templates. More content to come later. SWEET.

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