17 July 2006

Classic Jazz Corner in the News...

A few weeks ago, Portland's daily newspaper, the Oregonian, published an article about Portland internet broadcasters. The Classic Jazz Corner was one of the featured broadcasts. The article even includes a really cheesy photo that the Oregonian photographer took of me at home.

You can check out the PDF version of the article here.


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30 October 2003

The Swedes rule!

copyright E.S.T. from artists' websiteWhat an exciting time to be alive! There’s so much great music being recorded that it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with it. Nevertheless, from listening to a streaming internet radio station, I have come across an exciting new piano trio the Esbjörn Svensson Trio (or E.S.T. if you, like me, can’t pronounce Swedish).

The music is immediately intelligent, unique, bold, and pleasing. The writing and phrasing is superb (the great majority of recorded songs are original compositions), and it leaves me yearning to find more of their music. The preview tracks I’ve heard from their upcoming album Seven Days of Falling (due 05 November 2003) is enthralling. I’ve been listening to their 2002 release Strange Place for Snow nonstop since I first heard track 05 “Bound for the Beauty for the South.” They’ve got the innovation of Medeski, Martin, and Wood as well as the talent of the Brad Mehldau Trio. A few of the songs experiment with distorted bass, but it’s tastefully done and sure is a blast to listen to.

As soon as I get the CDs, I’ll be featuring them on the Classic Jazz Corner.

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05 June 2003

Jazz .. RIAA .. rant

As many of you know, I am an Internet DJ in my spare time. In 2000, I started Dr. Horner’s Classic Jazz Corner in my frustration with the paucity of good jazz on the FM radio and Internet. Everywhere I turned, nearly every jazz song I heard was “smooth.” I’m not a fan.
KKRP's Johnny Fever Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the worldwide interest in my favorite sub-genre of jazz (straight-ahead and classic). Since then, the CJC has become widely listened-to, even staying in Arbitron’s 75 most-listened to music webcasts in the world for over 4 months last year. This speaks to the enormous world-wide interest in this great art form.

Since that time, Clear Channel Communications and other huge media conglomerates have begun to dominate Internet radio akin to FM. And, with the recent RIAA and CARP fees and royalties that webcasters (most of them hobbyists like me who pay out of our pockets to do it) are now faced to pay, more and more of the uniqueness of Internet radio is being squashed. Webcasters either need to join a music server provider like Live365.com (who, vis a vis collecting fees from thousands of hobbyist webcasters spreads these fees over a large number of webcasters), pay ever-increasing fees and royalties, or quit altogether. This, in effect, is, once again, homogenizing Internet radio to our culture’s detriment.

Anyway, the good news, is that Live365 recently made some changes to the broadcaster packages, and I know have more server space to work with (translates to a longer, more varied playlist).

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