25 January 2007

Laura Gibson's Incredible New CD

Be sure to check out Portland's own Laura Gibson's new album and featured song, Hands in Pockets. She's on tour now, so don't miss her. I've seen her multiple times, and you must not miss her! She's already been VERY favorably reviewed by both NPR and NY Times.



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16 June 2003

speechless...close family...and great friends

This past Saturday (14.06.2003) my parents threw a generous farewell party for Holly, Hannah, and me at their farmhouse in Burlingame, KS (south of Topeka). My father cooked an incredible meal for us all (a Cajun boil with dirty rice and lots of good cold beverages). My mother was the best Hostess, and my brother impressed as the Valet.

Friends and family from all over Kansas and Kansas City, MO were in attendance. It was truly a gift to see them all and spend some good quality time with each of them before the inevitible move to Oregon the next Saturday (t-5 days).

Old-timerThere was an engaging game of croquet, of which Jason Copling was the victor (although there was some controversy over the hint that Richard Chatfield-Taylor may have “thrown” the game). It was a real nail-biter right up until the end, when we all thought Jason Cupp was going to come out on top. But, Alas! Copling surprised us all with his skill, grace, and “gentlemanly behaviour.”

There were some friends who could not come, of course, and there were none that we invited that we won’t miss terribly.

God has really blessed us these 5 years of our marriage (and 15.5 months of parenting) vis-a-vis many amazingly loving and tender relationships with friends and family.

Our last church service at Jacob’s Well was the next day, and this was heartaching, since we had found in Jacob’s Well (and West Hills Community Church before the Well) such a wonderful community of people who really yearned to live and serve in life-changing ways.

Throughout all the above, I can see God’s sweet, delicate, loving hands. He has gifted us beyond belief or merit.

We are excited about our move to Portland, but we are terribly sad to be leaving our friends/family in Kansas and Missouri. As someone told me this weekend, the move is completely bittersweet. Such contradiction in that word, yet so true and appropriate. We will miss you all. Stay in touch.

Deep, lasting love to you,

Peder - Holly

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