27 June 2007

Board Exam: Passed! I'm so B.C.

Pete and Peder celebrate with beers after the exam Well, I'm happy to report that the four months of endless studying and practice have paid off well. I passed the American Board of Radiology (ABR) oral board examination, my final "hurdle" to become a board certified (BC) radiologist ("to the stars" as Dr. Jen Miller told me). It's a breath of fresh air for sure. Everyone in my residency program at OHSU passed, which is splendid.

Right after the examination, two of my mates flew home together, but not before stopping at the airport pub for several beers with Pete. The exam was on Tuesday afternoon (05 June), and I received the letter on Friday morning. I think I was more nervous opening the envelope than before and during the grueling 4.5 hour oral exam in Louisville, KY. Holly, the children, my parents, and my brother Todd and his fiance Cicily were present for the "opening of the envelope." I had never been so excited to see our postal carrier. He snuck away before I could hug him too.

Many thanks go out to Holly and the children, who put up with my crazy study hours, crankiness, and time away from them pouring over thousands of cases and images. I couldn't have done it without you!

Peder and Holly stop for a quick picture with the ABR Letter

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17 May 2007

Photo highlights from the last 12 months

Google rocks. I am having some serious fun playing with it's photo suite, Picasa, which includes a web component. With one click, I created the following embedded slide show.


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24 April 2007

Hannah and Bennett : True Wildcats

So, a few months ago, I was goofing around, playing some new music for the children, when I came across Ratatat's "Wildcat." The children were instantly hooked. I think it's the fierce "growl" throughout the song that really got them. So, I decided to get this on mini-DV for posterity's sake and a few laughs.

Don't you just love these hipster Portland children? Enjoy.

Just click the image below to play.

If you want, you can get the full download here (Windows Media format).

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26 February 2007

Back from Sunriver

We had a fabulous time in Sunriver. I was there as a speaker for the Oregon Thoracic Society (American Lung Association's Oregon chapter) annual professional meeting. I was able to ski at Bachelor one day and hang out with the family the rest. It was a relaxing weekend, once I had finished preparing for the short talk. We also checked out the High Desert Museum - something which I highly recommend to any and every one to visit at least once. There are large components both indoors and outdoors. Family favorites included the mine exhibit, the lynx, and the bobcat.

We took SNAPP along as well. Let's just say that SNAPP didn't do as well on the snowy and slick mountain passes as the all wheel drive Outback did. But, she made it, and ran like a champ.

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10 January 2007

Be careful when you tell your children to "always try new foods"

Being one who is of the opinion that my children WILL grow up to enjoy ethnic food from around the world, I often hear myself saying "Well, at least try it. It's always good to try new foods."

The theory, of course, is that the sooner my children begin liking foods other than macaroni and cheese, the sooner I'll be able to enjoy taking the whole family out for Thai, Vietnamese, or Ethiopian food. Suffice it to say that we haven't had any "wins" yet. Bennett will try things more willingly than Hannah, but a new "try" nearly always lands back on the plate of mama or papa.

Well, the logical problem with this line of thinking became evident the other day when Hannah dipped a grape in her ketchup (fortunately I was able to convince the children that tater tots are a delicacy to delight in)... ate it, and told me that I should try it. When I balked at the idea, she quoted me my above words. I stared at her in disbelief. She wasn't joking. GULP

What could I do? I got choked up, and I came away with a different point of view...(Johnny Cash - "A Boy Named Sue"

So, I did what any well-intentioned parent would do - I tried it. And, to my astonishment, it wasn't disgusting. It was actually not too bad at all.

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21 September 2006

Hannah Gets Into Beach Elementary

bobcat.jpgWe received notice yesterday afteroon that Hannah was accepted, via the intense lottery system, to attend Beach Elementary School, only 1 mile from our house- an easy walk or bike ride. This is a very sought-after program in the Portland Public School system. We are very excited for her and feel blessed. Today is her first day as pre-K, and she can't wait!

From what we've researched and been told, she should be bilingual and biliterate by the time she finishes her primary education (6th grade). Now, her parents need to get serious about learning some español!

What is so special about this school? It's a dual-immersion school (Spanish and English).

How is it done? From their website:

* Exact configuration varies by grade level. There is more of an emphasis on Spanish instruction for English Speakers in the early grades allowing them more exposure to the language.

* Students are assigned to a two person team:

> one teacher teaches exclusively in Spanish
> one teacher teaches exclusively in English

* Together the team delivers:

> a unified curriculum, based on the Portland Public School District Curriculum and Standards, with high expectations in both English and Spanish.

* Students rotate between the two teachers for instruction in a planned cycle of activities.
* There is no translation of content or repetition of lessons.
* Students receive daily planned second language instruction.
* Concepts introduced in the primary language are reinforced in the second language.

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18 June 2006

Father's Day 2006

Peder Horner and Taylor Davis with new grill
Today was one of the best days of my life. Holly, Bennett, and Hannah showered me with love and gifts (ceramic dog from HRH, and a new propane grill for the deck from Holly, my parents, and Holly's parents). TAD was even here to Christen the grill with real German sausages from Edelweiss.

I loved talking with my father and my father-in-law today. They have so much wisdom to share and love to give.

Dad, if you're reading this, I love you. You're the best, no matter our differences.

Happy Father's Day.

View pictures from today by following this link.

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07 May 2006

I miss like crazy...

1. My sweet, my love, Holly
2. My princess, Hannah
3. My son, Bennett
4. My curly-haired buddy Josh and the Pint Nite crew (Nate and John)
5. My church, Imago Dei
6. Portland

Love, from DC,

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17 December 2005

BBQ and Ballet

2005_12_17_BBQ_and_ballet_0001.JPGHannah is absolutely loving ballet. She's doing really well in her ballet lessons. She loves "working on the bar" and showing us the different new moves she is learning. It's really quite something. When she really wants to cheer our hearts, she will ask us to put the Nutcracker music on the hi-fi so she can perform a "recital" for us. She really is incredible.

Since she was able to convince one of her preschool friends (Josie) to start dance/ballet lessons at the same dance school, we received a pair of tickets to "La Boutique Fantasque", put on by her dance company, Pacific Artists Ballet Theatre. So, we decided that it would be a great "daddy-daughter" event, so we made the date. And, there's no better food than BBQ (she loves the mac and cheese at Russel Street BBQ), we would combine the two into a "BBQ and Ballet" day.

So, we got dressed to the 9's and headed out for our special day. The BBQ was fantastic (like always, the pulled pork sandwich is my favorite). Once in the lobby at the performing arts center, I had never seen so many "princesses" before. They were all decked out, like Hannah, in their fancy dresses. The show was really good (Hannah gave two thumbs up, way up, to the poodles' duet and the Blue Fairy's solo). After the performance, Hannah got a chance to meet the dancers and get their autographs on her program. Hannah was definitely on cloud 9. It realy is a joy being a father. I wouldn't trade these memories for anything.

Click here for more pictures of our special day.

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24 May 2005

He's landed! Bennett Nathanael Horner

2005_05_24_Mother_Baby_Unit_0039.JPGHere’s the official world wide web announcement of the birth of our beautiful son, Bennett Nathanael Horner.

He arrived Monday 23 May 2005 at 22:52 to the OHSU hospital. His birth mass and length are 3.6 kg and 52.7 cm, respectively.

He is an amazing baby, just like his sister was as a baby.

Thanks be to God!

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01 December 2003

Thanksgiving 2003

Thanksgiving 2003 DenverWell, I just returned from a long weekend in sunny Denver. The weather was amazingly warm, and the snow-covered Rockies were inspiring. In some ways I lament the lack of an imposing mountain range here in Oregon, but, the sheer solitude of Mts. Hood, Adams, Jefferson, St. Helens, and Ranier are cause for reflection, meditation, and praise.

The time was special. Hannah enjoyed being spoiled by her grandparents, and Holly and enjoyed being alone more than we have been used to. We celebrated Christmas early with this side of the family, since we wouldn’t be able to see them during Christmas. During the holidays, I’m always struck by how much Holly, Hannah, and I are blessed to have such close and caring family on both sides.

Pure KnowledgeHolly and I were even able to have a date night. We had fantastic boutique Mexican North of downtown Denver, had coffee at a less than swank cofee shop (cofee was horrible, but we had a blast quizzing each other over the classic Genius Edition of Trivial Pursuit), then went to see Mystic River. I’m always inspired by my wife, especially when I get some time alone with her.

I truly have a lot to be thankful for.

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16 September 2003

The parents descend on PDX... Mt. St. Helens (revisited)...Mt. Angel Oktoberfest (revisited)

Mom and Dad just left PDX this morning (Tuesday). They flew in Thursday night. It was my father’s first time and my mother’s second time in PDX. We had a fabulous time. It was nonstop go-go-go nearly the entire visit.

Our first stop was John’s Market for beer. Those of you who don’t live in Portland, won’t know it, but John’s is the best place to buy beer in the world. Well, that’s a little hyperbolic, but it’s true from my experience. Dad and I picked (with careful glee) a 14$ (USD) six-pack of beer, including beers from OtterCreek (Middlebury, Vermont), the Rogue Brewery (Southern Oregon), Chimay (Belgium), and Spten Octoberfest (my dad’s favorite). One of the best things in this life is drinking a good brew with your father. Here’s to you pops!

Friday, I took the day off, so we could all be together. We dropped Holly, Mom, and Hannah off at play group, which was at a super cool park, way out in suburban Tualatin. Dad and I ran some errands then picked them up. After getting some sandwiches at the Grand Central Bakery, we headed out for Multnomah Falls. They are beautiful. After taking tons of pictures, we continued (butts and backs were sore, for sure, after this day) east on I-84 to Hood River, where we took Highway 35 South to loop around east and southeast of Mt Hood and return westward on Highway 26 into Portland. That is one beautiful drive.

Friday night, mom and dad graciously watched HRH for us while I surprised Holly for our 6th anniversary (each year we take turns planning the anniversary activities and surprise the other). This year, it was my turn, so I decided to do something to really surprise her - an evening filled with Indian culture. I had found out that Ravi Shankar (sitar) was playing at the local symphony hall, and that this would fit perfectly with our recent hankering to go out for some Indian cuisine. The only tickets I could afford were the cheapest, so we ended up sitting in the most posterior seats in the house, right next to some woman who kept farting. It was hilarious. Holly was squeezing her nostrils and mouth-breathing. Anyway, the concert was nothing short of incredible, and the food afterwards was a real treat. Later, in true Horner fashion, we swung by Jimmy Mak’s for some live jazz and then called it a night. What a woman Holly is!

Saturday, we headed to a small German town south of Portland (Mt. Angel) for the annual Oktoberfest. It’s a huge affair that draws many, many people from afar. There was a ton of umm-pa-pa umm-pa-pa, beer, and lederhosen. Fantastic. The wursts (mit kraut und brot) were filling. Saturday night we took Dad out to dinner for his birthday at a fabulous restaurant down the street (a seafood place, Seasons and Regions). Amazing food. Happy birthday Dad!

Sunday was the debacle of the visit. We went to church in the morning and then headed out for a visit to the volcano, Mt. St. Helens. Let me just say that it was a CLEAR DAY when we started. However, when we got there, it had become completely socked in with fog. Normally, the entire field of view at the Johnston Ridge Observation Center is the crater, but we couldn’t see more than 20 feet in front of us! Alas! You’ve gotta love the NW weather. Hehe.

Everytime someone visits, there must come that time when they have to leave. So, it was with sad, but fulfilled faces that we said goodbye to mom and dad at the airport.

We had a fabulous time with my parents, and I’m so very thankful that we’ve had the opportunity to host them here at our home. Thanks mom and dad! We had a blast! We can’t wait to have you here again. I’ll try to get some pictures up soon.

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04 September 2003

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, part II - Uncle Marty Visits...Oregon Wine Tasting... the Pacific Coast...

Holly’s brother Marty (Uncle Marty to Hannah) visited us last Saturday through Wednesday, and we had a FANTASTIC time. From the moment he arrived, we were busy seeing the sites and spending some great quality time together (all four of us).

First, we went to the Portland Bite, the PDX food and music festival. It was hot, but we were able to enjoy some good music (the Flat Mountain Girls played!) and good food by some of the local restaurants, including plenty of Widmer Hefeweisen beer and bratwursts from a local German deli. I don’t see how any festival can be complete without good beer and German sausages. Do you?

Then, we took Hannah home, rested for a half an hour, retrieved the babysitter (she’s only 14 and can’t drive, you know), and headed downtown to get some Italian food before going to the Nickel Creek show at the Roseland Theater. They brought down the house. They played an energetic (and long!) set, then broke for encore. When they came back for the encore, they played, at the front of the stage, huddled together, 4 encore songs, the last being a (nearly) acapella version of Be Thou My Vison.

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