26 February 2007

Back from Sunriver

We had a fabulous time in Sunriver. I was there as a speaker for the Oregon Thoracic Society (American Lung Association's Oregon chapter) annual professional meeting. I was able to ski at Bachelor one day and hang out with the family the rest. It was a relaxing weekend, once I had finished preparing for the short talk. We also checked out the High Desert Museum - something which I highly recommend to any and every one to visit at least once. There are large components both indoors and outdoors. Family favorites included the mine exhibit, the lynx, and the bobcat.

We took SNAPP along as well. Let's just say that SNAPP didn't do as well on the snowy and slick mountain passes as the all wheel drive Outback did. But, she made it, and ran like a champ.

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19 September 2006

SNAPP has arrived!!


A beautiful example of German engineering- a 1971 Colorado Orange BMW 2002. Unpretentious class, exuberant style, zippy performance, nimble handling, easy-to-work on... it's got it all! I've already driven it from Portland out to the Columbia Gorge for a hike with Taylor Davis up to Triple Falls. It drove really well at 70mph! Her nickname has been Mango in the past and more recently, "SNAPP", which is what is on the tag now.

I've learned that I have to use the English words for car parts, like bonnet (hood), boot (trunk), and indicators (turn signals).

I love the nicknames for the 02's, the "Whispering Bomb." True, true.

Click here for more pictures!

For more information on the 2002, I recommend the UK BMW 2002 website.

Yes, I'm still going to commute by bike to work. But, there are those few occasional days each month that I need to drive to work or church myself. We're planning on fully restoring it once I'm out of residency and fellowship.


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