30 May 2007

New Vintage Merino Wool Cycling Jersey

peder horner in Salvarani merino wool jersey My new blue merino wool cycling jersey came in the post yesterday from Vintage Velos. Mom and dad gave me the money for one of these jerseys for my birthday (January!). I hemmed and hawed over which one to get - the classic Eddy Merckx Moltini Arcore versus the Vittadello versus the Salvarani. After much flip flopping and changing of the mind, I decided on the Salvarani.

But... there were were no mediums available. However, I took a chance at a long shot and emailed the company inquiring whether they'd be making more of these. Alex returned my email right away and said they wouldn't be making more. So, I hung my head, about to cry, when, the next day, I find out (angels singing, harps playing mind you) that he had found two more medium jerseys in their European warehouse. I ordered one, and a week later, it arrived, full with complete instructions on proper care of merino wool (two pages!).


The I wore it today to work for the first time - it's very comfortable. Just a twinge of itch the first minute, but after that, it's golden. I haven't washed it yet, so perhaps even that initial itch will go away.

I had to stop by the Bike Gallery (downtown Portland) on the way into work to get a new water bottle and replacement cleats for my Specialized Pro Carbon road shoes. Eric, the manager, remarked, "That's a really cool jersey. Where did you get that?" Makes you want to smile.

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21 May 2007

New Imago Dei CD

Imago Dei :: Divine EmbraceSo, here's an unofficial sneak peek at two songs from the just-released worship CD from our church, Imago Dei. I had the distinct privilege of laying down the electric guitar on the first two tracks, Divine Embrace (title track) and Descend. I really love this CD (especially the tracks I didn't have anything to do with. Ha!) It's so good to hear Sabrina Fountain's voice again. Also, be sure to check out the song "You've Kept Me." The slower "You Alone" features beautiful string accompaniments and backup vocals by our own Laura Gibson. Josh Butler's creative genius shines throughout the CD, and, in my mind, is most evident on his song "Glory." Also, Josh came up with a fantastic guitar lick on Jeff Marsh's "Child." If I were a jealous man, I'd be jealous of this guitar lick for sure.

Listen to more samples or even buy the CD at: CDBaby or iTunes. Alternatively, you could check full-length song previews at the Imago Dei Myspace (gasp) page.

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17 May 2007

Photo highlights from the last 12 months

Google rocks. I am having some serious fun playing with it's photo suite, Picasa, which includes a web component. With one click, I created the following embedded slide show.


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13 May 2007

New Music - Voxtrot

Thanks to Joe, who turned my ears on to Austin, TX band Voxtrot. This is indie rock at its finest. Pure energy, driving guitars, and great vocals. You'll notice the song Missing Pieces from their EP "Raised by Wolves" at the end of the Ratatat Wildcat video posted previously.  They've been likened to The Smiths and Belle & Sebastian. That's quite a compliment, I'd say.

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New Swedish (again!) music - Sambassadeur









I just can't stop listening to this band's music. Their 2007 self-titled LP and their Coastal Affairs EP are absolutely fantastic. Catchy, yet original. The male singer reminds me of Dean Wareham (of Galaxy 500 and Luna fame). The production is very dreamy, other-worldly. Akin to Luna, I really love the sound on those guitars.

Check out these three songs: Kate (from the EP), New Moon, and Between the Lines. The latter two are from the self-titled LP.

Happy sounds!

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02 May 2007

There comes a time...

...when one tires of studying for an exam. Such are these days. I need some inspiration here!

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