25 January 2007

Laura Gibson's Incredible New CD

Be sure to check out Portland's own Laura Gibson's new album and featured song, Hands in Pockets. She's on tour now, so don't miss her. I've seen her multiple times, and you must not miss her! She's already been VERY favorably reviewed by both NPR and NY Times.



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18 January 2007

Newfound Music: Hird

Hird – Music at Last.fm

Perhaps a bit behind on this one- I just found out about Swedish downtempo/electronic/nu-jazz artist Hird. The music from his album "Moving On" (2004) reminds me a lot of Koop, perhaps because he has the good fortune of having Yukimi Nagano sing on a few tracks. It's great music to relax to after a long day at work or a good wine party. Also, check out the sample for his version of Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo. A pretty good remix for that classic theme from one of Sergio Leone's best westerns.

Happy sounds!

:: peder ::

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Rode in to work today

Spent some time last night around midnight changing out to the old knobbies (Kevlar WTB Velociraptors - love these tires!). And for what? Turns out --- naught! Ack. The ambient North Portland temp was 34.5 this AM when I arose from the slumber. The roads were slushy (got sprayed with mud - was getting ready to pass a guy on Terwilliger when he rode through a big mud-slush puddle). Yuck.

Hopefully, things will continue to melt. Can't wait to reinstall the slicks to get that sweet low rolling resistance back again.

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17 January 2007

Stubborness Prevails, Despite Snow and Ice

Peder Horner and Bike in the SnowPortland was shut down by 3-4 inches of snow yesterday, for the second time in 3 years. When is this city going to invest in some snow plows and manpower? It was utter chaos. Videos of cars crashing abounded on YouTube.

Once again proving my stubborness, I decided to forego Holly's gracious gift to take me to work. I tested the snow with the bike - yes, it would be doable. The snow hadn't been packed in yet. Only one other bike track in the snow. As long as I could keep the bike in the fresh snow, I shouldn't have much problem. Turned out, that I was right and one of the few in my department to be on time. Ahem. It also turns out that biking in fresh snow is quite a workout. Snow affords a great deal of rolling resistance.

I ended up taking the tram down the mountain at the end of the workday, since I figured getting down the snowy and icy hill would be the most treacherous part of the commute. Good idea. Roads had become icy and hard-packed (few stretches of pavement with virgin snow in which to ride). The riding was rough-going due to the effect of snow chains. My bones and sinews got a good jostling.


I drove today. Too much ice, and I didn't want to change out my commuter slicks (Ritchey Tom Slicks) for the old knobbies, especially since the snow _should_ be gone soon. If things haven't melted by this evening, then I'll have to change out the tires.

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10 January 2007

Be careful when you tell your children to "always try new foods"

Being one who is of the opinion that my children WILL grow up to enjoy ethnic food from around the world, I often hear myself saying "Well, at least try it. It's always good to try new foods."

The theory, of course, is that the sooner my children begin liking foods other than macaroni and cheese, the sooner I'll be able to enjoy taking the whole family out for Thai, Vietnamese, or Ethiopian food. Suffice it to say that we haven't had any "wins" yet. Bennett will try things more willingly than Hannah, but a new "try" nearly always lands back on the plate of mama or papa.

Well, the logical problem with this line of thinking became evident the other day when Hannah dipped a grape in her ketchup (fortunately I was able to convince the children that tater tots are a delicacy to delight in)... ate it, and told me that I should try it. When I balked at the idea, she quoted me my above words. I stared at her in disbelief. She wasn't joking. GULP

What could I do? I got choked up, and I came away with a different point of view...(Johnny Cash - "A Boy Named Sue"

So, I did what any well-intentioned parent would do - I tried it. And, to my astonishment, it wasn't disgusting. It was actually not too bad at all.

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