19 July 2006

Portland Clouds


I laid down on our deck and snapped this picture. Nice Portland clouds.

Camera Model Name: Canon PowerShot A80
Shooting Date/Time: 07.09.2006 16:06:17
Tv (Shutter Speed): 1/500
Av (Aperture Value): 5.6
ISO Speed: Auto
Lens: 7.8 - 23.4 mm
Focal Length: 13.6 mm

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18 July 2006

Common Grammar/Diction Non-Mistakes

Ever been self-conscious about certain grammar/diction mistakes that you catch yourself making? We're talking about split infinitives, idioms, and expressions here folks!

For example, have you ever solved, in your own mind, the controversy of whether it's “Carrot on a stick” or “the carrot or the stick”? Click here to put the issue to rest once and for all.

Well, I found a nice collection of certain "mistakes" that may not be mistakes after all, especially if one takes the time to investigate the current and past popular usage. For example: Is it really the kiss of death if you have to end a sentence with a preposition? Find out here! (ha!)

Here is the list of "non-errors."

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17 July 2006

Classic Jazz Corner in the News...

A few weeks ago, Portland's daily newspaper, the Oregonian, published an article about Portland internet broadcasters. The Classic Jazz Corner was one of the featured broadcasts. The article even includes a really cheesy photo that the Oregonian photographer took of me at home.

You can check out the PDF version of the article here.


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