21 March 2006

Sunriver, Oregon R & R

Subaru turns 100k milesI know it's been a while since I've updated the blog, but I thought I'd start by adding an entry about our 4 days in Sunriver at the end of February. I was attending as a lecturer at the annual Chest Diseases Conference put on by the Oregon American Lung Association chapter. The conference is a great opportunity to learn and ski, as the schedule is intentionally open for abou 5 hours each day for personal/leisure time. Many people, like me, use the time to ski Mt. Bachelor, only 20 miles away from the village.

I was able to get in two full days of skiing, of which I was able to progress quite nicely. I could say I'm skiing blacks now but not well by any strech.

Holly and the kids had a great time with Benny and Sabrina Fountain, who came with us to hang out and help watch the kids a few times. Benny (Fountain) was able to backcountry ski twice and loved it. We all came home without any serious injuries.

Hannah tried ice skating again, but she was tired and didn't last too long this time, which was surprising given how much she loved and took to it the last time in Breckenridge. We'll definitely encourage her in more attempts.

Holly and I were able to get way for the evening at the nicest restaurant in the area, Crosswater.

On the last day, we rented a sled and took the kids to a good-sized hill near Mt. Bachelor. Bennett didn't know what to think of the cold and exhilarating speed of the plastic sled. Hanhan loved it though, and I was proud and happy to pull her up the 15 degree slope 50 feet (15 meters) long 10 times. Using the standard work equation (W = F s Cosθ) and converting Hannah's 35 pounds to Newtons (156), I calculate that I performed 22,602 Joules of work. That's pretty sweet, I'd say.

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