18 December 2005

Wipe Out!!!

2005_12_18_Peder_Bike_Wreck_0002.JPGWiped out Friday night. It was horrible. One minute, I was flying down SW 10th Street at about 25 MPH, then next moment, I found myself on the ground, left side down. Somehow, my front wheel had become sucked into one of the electric street car tracks, and down I had gone.

After finding out that I could walk, I immediately took inventory of my injuries: lacerated and bruised left shoulder, left hip, and left knee; and sprained left ankle. I'm feeling better now, gradually.

The big tear in the Patagonia jacket and the ruined Pearl Izumi fleece tights hurts just as much as the bodily injuries. Luckily, my bike was OK, just a little derailleur adjustment is all that is needed.

It's been over a year since I last wrecked, so perhaps I was due for a good one. Above-right is a picture of a sign next to the street car tracks that I've always thought of as funny. Now I don't.

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PDX Snowstorm 2005

2005_12_18_PDX_Snowstorm_0004.JPGSo, it's been very dry and cold here in Portland for the last few weeks. There's been no rain, and it's been cold! In to the mid-20s at night, to be exact. So, all the pain of the cold dry weather finally paid off today here in Portland. First, it started precipitating cold hard sleet, then it turned into huge fluffy flakes of beautiful snow. I absolutely loved it. One thing is certain: Portlanders may know how to navigate the streets in rain but they have no clue how to drive in the snow.

The photo on the right I took from the car at Pioneer Courthouse Square at the corner of Yamhill and Broadway. Click here for more photos of beautiful snow-covered downtown PDX, including one of our house and one of the 100 ft Christmas tree in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

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17 December 2005

BBQ and Ballet

2005_12_17_BBQ_and_ballet_0001.JPGHannah is absolutely loving ballet. She's doing really well in her ballet lessons. She loves "working on the bar" and showing us the different new moves she is learning. It's really quite something. When she really wants to cheer our hearts, she will ask us to put the Nutcracker music on the hi-fi so she can perform a "recital" for us. She really is incredible.

Since she was able to convince one of her preschool friends (Josie) to start dance/ballet lessons at the same dance school, we received a pair of tickets to "La Boutique Fantasque", put on by her dance company, Pacific Artists Ballet Theatre. So, we decided that it would be a great "daddy-daughter" event, so we made the date. And, there's no better food than BBQ (she loves the mac and cheese at Russel Street BBQ), we would combine the two into a "BBQ and Ballet" day.

So, we got dressed to the 9's and headed out for our special day. The BBQ was fantastic (like always, the pulled pork sandwich is my favorite). Once in the lobby at the performing arts center, I had never seen so many "princesses" before. They were all decked out, like Hannah, in their fancy dresses. The show was really good (Hannah gave two thumbs up, way up, to the poodles' duet and the Blue Fairy's solo). After the performance, Hannah got a chance to meet the dancers and get their autographs on her program. Hannah was definitely on cloud 9. It realy is a joy being a father. I wouldn't trade these memories for anything.

Click here for more pictures of our special day.

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10 December 2005

Yet another reason... Portland Bicycle Route Finder

Portland, Oregon Bicycle Route Finder

Peder's Morning Bike CommuteSo, again, using the Google Maps technology and overlying it with TriMet and local bicycle route algorithms, Portlanders have created a Bicycle Route Finder that works really well. To the right is a picture of what it can do. In fact, it is my exact morning bike commute to work - 5.37 miles to be precise. The program displays, turn by turn, how to get somewhere by bike, by using the safest routes (prefers streets with bike lanes over streets without; prefers streets with slower speed limits to faster ones, etc).

I love this city!

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Another reason why we're in love with Portland

Google Transit

Google Transit Sample RouteSo, I found out yesterday that Google chose Portland as the charter city to launch its new Google Transit, an interactive public transportation schedule and itinerary tool. It's easy to use, and it dovetails beautifully with Google maps (street and satellite photo overlays). It nicely illustrates the high-tech nature of Portland's public services. Here's a quote from Google about the project.

"We chose to launch with the Portland metro area for a couple of reasons. Tri-Met, Portland's transit authority, is a technological leader in public transportation. The team at Tri-Met is a group of tremendously passionate people dedicated to serving their community. And Tri-Met has a wealth of data readily available that they were eager to share with us for this project. This combination of great people and great data made Tri-Met the ideal partner." --Google

An ongoing public discussion is happening at Portland Transport, a blog dedicated to investigating new ways of getting people in Portland from where they are to where they need to go.

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07 December 2005

MSN Virtual Earth - My Grade School

admire.jpgMSN has now taken on Google Earth with thier MSN Virtual Earth.

Here's an aerial view of my K-4th grade school in Admire, KS. It's a booming metropolis, as you might tell.

Check it out. The interface is nice, since it features a web-client, rather then more software to download.

I've found this new trend (Google Earth, MSN Virtual Earth) very fascinating (and a real time suck).

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Organ Printing

Wired News: Printing Organs on Demand

Interesting article regarding new technology called "organ printing", led by University of Missouri-Columbia physicist, Dr. Gabor Forgacs. It is a proposed new way of creating replacement organs and tissue for those damaged by disease, trauma, etc.

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02 December 2005

Sufjan Stevens Christmas Album - Free!

For all you Sufjan Stevens fans out there, Clay Johnson just alerted me to the fact that three volumes of Christmas tunes by Stevens have been posted for free download here. I'm told they're perfectly legal and licensed.


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