26 September 2005

Death Cab for Cutie :: "Plans"

Death Cab for Cutie :: Plans
Holly and I picked up Death Cab for Cutie's new album "Plans" several weeks ago just after it was released. We've been listening to it near-nonstop since then, especially whilst painting the new house. It's got a mix of catchy pop and ballads. Ben Gibbard serves up, yet again, a great album that will stand the test of time.

One of the more interesting songs, lyrically, is "I Will Follow You into the Dark." It's the song of two lovers near the ends of their lives. The man says, "Love of mine some day you will die, But I'll be close behind. I'll follow you into the dark. No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white, just our hands clasped so tight." Clearly, I don't share these thoughts upon the afterlife, but they are honest and noble.

The lines that really stood out to me, however, are the following:

In Catholic school as vicious as Roman rule
I got my knuckles brusied by a lady in black
And I held my toungue as she told me
"Son, fear is the heart of love"
So I never went back

I realize this is only a song, but I wonder how much of this reflects Gibbard's own personal experience with Catholic education. The words of the nun are clearly wrong and not Scriptural.

But, the album is a really great one to listen to. Enjoy his lyrics and songwriting. While the album may not be as good as "Transatlanticism" or "The Photo Album", it still is, nonetheless, and essential component of my music collection.

Now, at least I have some more Gibbard-written music to satiate me until he releases the next Postal Service album!!!

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24 September 2005

Holly - up to 4am, painting!

So, last night, the night before the big move, we realized that we needed to unpack and bring some boxes back to the condo from the new house in order that we would have enough for the move this morning. I'm sick and exhausted, so she decides to go...

She returns to the condo... at 4am! She had gotten the boxes and then decided to finish painting the kids' room and the 1st coat on the living room walls. She really is amazing. She's not even cranky this morning either.

Thanks sweetie. I love you.

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23 September 2005

Up until 130am Painting...Tired!

Tub O SpackleSo, I was up (again) until 130am painting at the new house last night. I'm exhausted. I have become convinced that the subcontractors who did the dry wall were lazy dogs. There are holes and bumps everywhere. As a result, I did some major spackling (is that a word??).

To a perfectionist like myself, that wonderous plastic paste of gypsum plaster and glue (spackle) is a real God-send. Using it provides the opportunity to correct blemishes and others' mistakes. It's a chance to significantly improve the subtle aesthetic of one's walls.

On a side note, I love proprietary eponyms- i.e, trampoline, spandex, yo-yo, etc. Apparently, Spackle, like Realtor and Band-Aid, is in grave danger of becoming a genericized trademark and part of our colloquial dictionary.

I'm going to find out who did this dry wall work and probably post it on this blog so that other people may be warned before using these people for contracting work.

Note, I was not referring to the relatively obscure band named Späckle (note the umlaut - nice touch, eh?). Find out more about this Californian band here.

From their website:

Späckle's abstract mix of punk, improvisational jazz, blues, and mountain jug porch howling has placed them at the top of the independent music charts worldwide. Their tours are instant sell-outs; their recordings are swept from the shelves by adoring teenyboppers and the cultural elite alike.


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Here Comes Rita... The Horror

Looks like the evacuation is underway in Texas. Hopefully, things will go smoother. Good move on Bush's part to fly to Texas today to check on preparations. More and more, I'm questioning his ability to lead this country in times of crisis.

I read this story this morning. The absurdity of being burned alive while sitting in a traffic jam, trying to evacuate from a threatened hurricaine which may not have even affected these people in a major way. We'll just have to see what this hurricaine does.

I do wonder if al Qaeda and the Taliban look at these hurricaines as God's punishments for America's foreign policy re: the Middle East. It wouldn't surprise me at all if there were people celebrating over the calamities these natural disasters have caused here in the U.S.

It's a wild wild world.

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21 September 2005

So, Bush needed a bathroom break...

BBC story here.

Who really cares? If they do, why?

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19 September 2005

We are moving - Saturday, September 24th

So, things have been absolutely nuts here in Portland. Our offer for house #2 was accepted, and we closed on the property last Monday. The house is now officially ours!

We move in this Saturday (24 September) morning. We've rented a Uhaul truck (I know, I don't like them either, but they were the cheapest, by far) and will have help from some of our good Portland friends that morning for the move.

We bought a new set of appliances off of Craig's List (how frustrating and expensive life was before Craig's List!!).

We are trying to decide whether to put the washer/dryer upstairs or downstairs, since once we have the windows replaced downstairs, we may not be able to get the washer/dryer back out of the house (door to basement was built for VERY small people - leprechauns, perhaps?). We'll be talking to our window guy to see if we have a solution at hand.

So far, we've met the neighbors of three houses - Jenn to the north, Joy and Brian (a recently married couple) to the south, and Will across the street. Everybody has been very kind and generous to us. Brian even helped me move our refrigerator, stove, and microwave into the house the other day! (Big thanks to you and Matt for helping with the refrigerator.)

Travis Hallman of Novare Painting, and a fellow parishoner at our church, skillfully and beautifully painted our kitchen and upstairs bathroom. They look fantastic! In order to save money, Holly and I will be painting the living room, dining room, downstairs bath, and children's room this week. I think I've mastered the art of spackel.

New windows will be installed in the basement. New window coverings within a few weeks. Gas run up to the new gas range. Water line installed for the refrigerator's ice maker/water dispenser. Hole cut in the side of the house for over the range microwave hood vent. Deck built. French doors installed. The list goes on!

Back to work...

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