14 July 2004

Calexico - Live Concert Review

Calexico, live: 01 July 2004 So, a few weeks ago, 01 July, Holly and I met some friends (Brent and Bridgett Barber, Eric and Tamara Brown, and several other mutual friends) for dinner at the Sellwood Cha! Cha! Cha! and proceded to the Aladdin Theater for the Calexico show.

Portland-based Husband and wife (Kevin and Anita Robinson) team Viva Voce opened up with a powerful set. She playing guitar and he on the sticks. Their music was instantly more complex than what one would expect from a guitar/drum duo. They’ve got a gift for writing catchy riffs and hooks. Kevin even brought out the Melodica for a few songs.

After a brief pause, Calexico took the stage. Well, for the first song, it was only Joey Burns and John Convertino on “Paper Route.” Then, the full band took the stage for Convict Pool, one of my favorite Calexico songs. The set continued to gain momentum and energy, culminating in “Crystal Frontier” and the encore “GŁero Canelo”, of which I’m told refers to a famous Tucscon Mexican restaurant. The evening was fabulous, with many opportunities for us to dance along. I often found myself singing along, but fortunately for those around me, the sound system overcame my off-pitch goose honking. ;)

Calexico, live: 01 July 2004Overall, the evening was worth every penny, and I would probably pay even more to see them again. Everybody went home happy and in elated spirits, thinking long thoughts on barren desert landscapes, golden Tequila, and a romantic yearning for Southwestern culture.

Calexico set list:

Paper Route . Convict Pool . Silver Raven > Quattro . Across the Wire . Praskovia . Sunken Waltz . Frontera/Trigger . Black Heart . Sprawl > Don’t Leave Me Now . Dub Latina . Alone Again Or . Not Even Stevie Nicks . El Picador . Jesus & Tequila . Deep Down . Crooked Road and the Briar . Crystal Frontier .. GŁero Canelo (encore)

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