16 June 2004

California Bound

Very soon, before the sun rises on the Rose City, two bleary-eyed parents and one asleep daughter will set off on a 10 day journey through Southern Oregon, the Californian Northern coast, the Redwood Forest, The Castro District in San Francisco (to see Ashley and Dave), climaxing in a 4-5 day backpacking adventure in Lyell Canyon (see detailed topo map to the right) within Yosemite National Park. The denoument includes more camping/hiking within the Sierra Nevadas and Mt. Shasta before returning to the condo we call home.

“What about Bob?” you might ask. Well, we’ve thought long and hard about this and finally decided to leave him home. We have enough weight to carry, although I did find this nifty, cheap, way to carry him.

I’ll post pictures when we get back.

:: Peder ::

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08 June 2004

Spankin' New Imago Dei Website

I’m proud to say that our church has an incredible new website that has just launched. Check it out!

The best part of it, is that there’s an online forum for the members. You can be sure that that my rogue nature will be found out when controversial topics are covered. Yippee!

Oh, and did you notice who the guy with the black plastic glasses in the background is? I’m famous! Hehe ;)

:: Peder ::

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