19 February 2004

Mirror Lake Trail #664

Mirror Lake TrailheadA couple weekends ago, Holly, Hannah, and I went snowshoeing the Mirror Lake trail. It’s only a 3.0 mile hike, roundtrip. The ascent is steady but light, and the return is a nice, gentle stroll. Overall, this would probably be classified as an easy trail.

Roundtrip hiking time: approximately 2 hours.

The base was about 4 feet of snow. The tree snow-burden was mighty.

Beautiful riverThe trees slowly swayed and groaned under the extraordinary new weight. I’d never noticed before how much snow dampens ambient noise. Being still in the midst of it all moves the heart in unexpected ways. I am thankful for the calm.

I yearn for the time away from the city, the hospital, the incessant culture of consumption. Are people of the land more or less appreciative of silence and simplicity? Perhaps one can only truly enjoy it (or exploit it perhaps) if one is immersed in the opposite. This surely must be akin to how our neuropsychiatric self is wired to experience depression and elation, joy and sorrow.

Papa and HannahRegardless, we had a fantastic time, and, of course, Hannah slept through nearly the entire hike. Which is good, given that she’s not at the age yet of being able to appreciate and respond to the natural surrounding beauty. But, I can only hope that she will someday (soon!) be awestruck at God’s natural, creative, beauty that so grandly blesses us.

Well, it turns out that Hannah didn’t miss out on much by sleeping through most of the ascent and descent. When we arrived at the lake, we found that fog had set in and completely obscured visibility beyond 50 feet. We could barely perceive the frosted, snow-laden lake from the near-shore.

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13 February 2004


This will be a simple post.

sumatra.jpgI love good coffee. I’m not talking about Folger’s or “fill-it-to-the-rim with” Brim. I’m talking about coffee from heavily roasted, oily, fresh beans.

Starbucks Sumatra, for example: smooth, dark, rich, full of flavor.

I love good coffee. Not for the caffeine (don’t really need it). For the taste.

Good coffee is a luxury that I’ll indulge…

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04 February 2004

"I've been everywhere, man" (almost)

The Way Life Should BeWith a nod to the great Johnny Cash, I was inspired by his song to blog about the states I’ve seen while on road trips.

Thanks to my parents, who made a solid effort to take us on a LONG car-vacation every summer whilst growing up in the Midwest, and some long car-vacations Holly and I took during our early marriage, I can boast that I’ve either stepped foot on or driven through 94% of the United States. Yeah! flex The outliers are Alaska, Hawaii, and West Virginia. See the map below (the green states I haven’t visited).

During our first long car-vacation (to Glacier National Park, MT), Holly and I started a tradition where, upon entering a new state, we would stop the car, get out, and take a photo of one of us standing near the state “welcome” sign. I know, kinda dorky, but we’ve got some great cheesy shots of highway signs because of it. Isn’t it fun being a goofball?

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

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