12 November 2003

More hipster music (Rosalia de Souza)

Rosalia de SouzaI came across this album recently, and I’ve been playing it nonstop. Rosalia de Souza was born in Rio de Janeiro but moved to Italy in 1989 to study music, where she met Nicola Conte (1994). He has since “introduced” her with this album “Nicola Conte presents…”. Her voice is smooth, and the music is second to none. Some original compositions dot the album here and there. It’s got a great combination of hip electronica and 60s lounge bossa nova, the perfect thing to unwind to at the end of a stressful day or put on for a wine party (I’ll most certainly be featuring at least several cuts from this album at our next wine party, tentatively set for Jan/Feb 2004).

Nicola Conte - smooth Italian playaThis post also gives me an opportunity to plug Nicola Conte’s music, which is really fantastic. It’s in a siminlar vein stylistically, with a bit more focus on the electronica. A couple of songs are instantly recongnizable as they were sources of a couple ad campaigns recently (one, an Acura commercial, the other a Joe Boxer commercial). I featured some of his music at our last wine party October 2002. Ultra hip, for you hipsters. Also, the label that produces Nicola’s albums, Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, features some of the best musicians in electronica and nu-jazz today (Nicola Conte, Thievery Corporation, Ursula 1000, Karminsky Experience, Les Hommes, and Thunderball). Check out their music, if you have time.

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10 November 2003


I need some fenders for my bike, at least a rear fender. It’s not fun arriving at work with a wet rear end. No fun at all. Hehe. I thought the gore-tex Nike running pants I bought would work, but I’m here to tell you today, that they don’t! ;)

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Studying for boards, H and H are sick

This will be me (Image from www.prometric.com)Well, every year or so in the career of a training physician, there comes a time of loneliness, estrangement, and boatloads of coffee - yes, it’s boards time. This installment is the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 3 (of 3), the last of the three exams that every physician, no matter what specialty or degree of post-graduate medical training has to pass to practice in America.

So, timing is perfect - Holly and Hannah have both been sick the past week. Makes for a very difficult moral conundrum - how much time do I spend being with them vs studying? It doesn’t matter what I do, because I feel guilty when I’m doing one and not the other. Anyway, it is a great opportunity to re-learn some things that have been forgotten or marginally learned in the first place.

The exam is two full days, this Thursday and Friday. The Friday portion is nearly completely composed of clinical scenarios, whereby the computer presents a patient with a complaint in a clinical setting (e.g., 50 year old male executive who comes to the E.R. complaining of acute-onset severe chest pain). I get complete control over the scenario (what tests to order, what medications to give, what consultations to request, what procedures to do, etc). It sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it?

Well, I plan on having a few pints after the exam is finished on Friday, to say the least. ;) Have a great week.

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